By using a comprehensive methodology, Estudio MyA conducts audits that enable the directors of a company to obtain a clear overview of the balance sheet, statement of income and cash flow of their business at a specific date to make strategic decisions.

External Financial Statements’ Audit: The Estudio MyA team conducts audits based on local and international GAAP. We have gained enormous experience in the use of accounting principles established by agencies of different countries, professional institutions and applied to certain special activities.

Special Reviews of Financial statements or transactions: Upon our client’s request we carry out special reviews of specific items or groups of items in the financial statements, as well as transactions performed in one or several fiscal years. We also conduct special reviews to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators, financial institutions or third-party stakeholders.

Internal and process audits: We meet the requirements of senior management to control the applicable administrative and accounting policies and procedures to ensure that economic transactions and procedures are correctly identified, measured, processed and summarized to facilitate the decision-making process and manage the potential business risks facing the company.

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