Tax consulting

Estudio MyA provides its clients consulting services on tax compliance with a view to optimizing their tax burden.

National and provincial tax returns: We prepare tax returns for our clients on the different taxes levying their businesses.

Tax compliance: We ensure our client’s compliance with tax and tax-related law and municipal regulations. This service enables the client to take corrective action to avoid penalties and other sanctions as provided by applicable laws.

Tax audits: Analysis of the potential impact and exposure of a company to tax penalties on a specific date, either upon its own request or upon the request of a potential buyer.

Transfer pricing: Compliance of tax regulations provided for in the Income Tax Law, related to tax returns and Transfer Pricing analysis.

Tax Planning: We estimate the potential tax provision for our clients. This forecast gives the client an overview of his future tax status and becomes the starting point to define strategies for the company to bear a tax burden matching its business volume and profitability.

Strategic tax reengineering: Our team of experts, together with the company’s legal advisors, conducts a detailed analysis to review and set the future tax management strategies.

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